Spring Thai Rolls

Trembling transparent rolls - a dish of Thai cuisine, they are made from linden, mint, basil and nuts - a real explosion of freshness. It is very useful, very tasty, very unusual. And this is just another vegetarian dinner with a feeling of satiety and no sense of heaviness.

You will need:

2 cups finely sliced ​​fresh cabbage

2 cups of seed seedlings (the recipe below) of your choice: mustard, radish, broccoli, watercress

2 cups of sprouted beans (recipe below) lentils, chickpeas or beans to choose from

1.5 cup grated carrot

1 cup finely chopped red cabbage

1 cup of cucumber, diced

1 cup of celery stalks diced

3/4 cup of red pepper, diced

3/4 cup chopped cashew nuts, or walnuts or almonds

1/2 cup green onion, finely chopped

1/3 cup freshly chopped parsley

Portion of peanut Thai sauce (recipe below)

12-16 large leaves of lettuce, rinse well, dry on a towel. As an option: lettuce leaves can be replaced with rice paper, which must be pre-moistened.

How to germinate sprouts?

We take seeds of mustard, radish, broccoli orwatercress - your choice. Rinse seeds with cold water and remove those that float to the surface. Then wrap them with gauze, place in a colander and rinse again with cold water. Put them in this form in a dark place and leave for 8 hours to be pierced. Then rinse them again, removing unextended seeds. Put it in a dark place for further germination at room temperature. Every day, wash the gauze with seeds, moisturizing it. After 3-5 days the seeds will have a 2-3 cm tail. Now you can leave them for one day in the room, avoiding direct sunlight, so that their tails are a little green. Sprouts are ready, they can be eaten. Store them in a glass jar in the refrigerator. Use within 3 days.

How to grow beans?

We take any beans: lentils, soybeans, red beans, chickpeas, black beans, etc. Sort and rinse the grains. Place in a bowl and pour water to cover the beans completely. Leave it overnight, then rinse with running water. Put in a colander and put it in a dark place for germination. Rinse the beans twice a day and put them in a dark place for 3-5 days until they grow 2 cm in the tail. For a day, leave them in the room so that the tails grab some indirect sunlight and turn green. Store sprouted beans in a glass jar in the refrigerator for three days. Only sprouts are used for food, the grains are thrown away.

How to cook peanut Thai sauce?

Take half a cup of liquid peanut butter, anda third of a glass of thick peanut butter, 50 g of lemon juice, 2 tbsp. water, 2 tbsp. sesame oil, 1 tbsp. maple syrup, 1.5 tsp. chopped garlic, a quarter teaspoon. red hot pepper. Place the food in a blender and grind until smooth. Sauce can be stored in a refrigerator in an airtight container.

Cooking rolls

In a large bowl, place all the vegetables and mix, so that they evenly mixed. Pour over the peanut Thai sauce and gently stir the vegetables again.

Leaves of lettuce we put on a cutting board and incenter we put the received vegetable stuffing. Fold the sheet in the form of cabbage - wrapping the leaves from the edges to the center and twisting them into a roll. We fix the obtained rolls with a toothpick. Delicate Thai rolls are ready - a pleasant appetite!

Instead of lettuce leaves you can use rice paper. Soak it beforehand, and then wrap the stuffing in rolls.