Fashionable Spring Hairstyles: 5 Major Trends

Beautiful well-groomed hair is an invariable attribute of any self-respecting girl. After all, the most fashionable outfit does not make sense, if on the head of its possessor disorder. Therefore, to monitor the condition of the hair simplyis necessary. In addition, you can not just have a neat styling, and every day to surprise others with a new interesting hairdo, especially if the hair is long. This is especially true in the spring, because we finally stop wearing hats, which are fed up with the order for the winter. I want to surprise myself and others. What interesting trends in hairstyles does the fashion world offer us this spring?



This season in vogue the naturalness and lightnegligence. Straight hair will look sexy, if you twist it a little. For a festive version, you can wind hair on large curlers. Falling waves of voluminous curls will make the image sexy, romantic and spectacular. Option for every day: after washing your head just ruffle your hair with your fingers and sprinkle with varnish. The naturalness also applies to the color of hair: screaming red and eggplant shades in this season are not in favor. The most fashionable are shades of wheat, sand and chestnut flowers.



Long hair gathered back

Since loose long hair is notalways convenient and appropriate, fashion 2013 offers us spectacular styling with collected hair back. A classic bunch on the vertex or occiput is actual. It is interesting to see the high bob bangs gathered back. Do not lose its popularity and pulled at the back of the head of a pony tail.

To create a romantic image, you canuse a hairstyle like "Malvina" - remove back and stab the upper part of the hair slightly above the nape, and leave the lower part loose, if desired, twist it to large or medium curlers. And, since naturalness is in vogue, it is necessary to avoid excessive smoothness and not use a gel for styling, which gives the effect of prizilannosti.


French beam

This hairstyle, which is also called a seashell orbanana, was relevant in the 50's, this season it again gained popularity. Such a careless bunch creates the image of a glamorous young lady who came to rest on the coast and dancing all night long. With him, any girl can feel like a Greek goddess. To make a similar hairstyle, add hair to the hair a little by combing it, then collect the tail at the nape of the neck and twist it into a careless tourniquet. Knock out the ends inward and give the shell the desired shape, then fasten it with the studs. Next, brush your hair and leave a few strands to frame the face. At the end, sprinkle your hair with varnish.

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