Summer rainbow diet

Summer is the time to change and experiment. Why not try this time, rich in vegetables, fruits and berries, an original and easy iridescent diet? Its main principle is quite obvious - there are as many natural and useful colored products as possible.

What distinguishes colorful fruits, vegetables and berries

The color, taste and smell of all these summer gifts givephytochemicals. The set of nutrients of each product is different and can not be replaced by another vegetable or fruit. That is why the main thing in the rainbow diet is the balanced consecutive consumption of the entire summer palette of juicy benefits.

The basic rule of the rainbow diet

The daily diet should consist of fruits,vegetables and berries of seven natural colors: red, yellow, orange, white, green, blue and violet. It is important to observe the correctness of proportions and the sequence of each color. If you eat anything too much or little, you will be able to get less vitamins or, on the contrary, get them too much.


Red color of vegetables, fruits and berries is received fromlycopene. Products of red color, as a rule, have a powerful anti-cancer effect and antioxidant properties and are rich in vitamins A, C, manganese and fiber. Also, red fruits and vegetables help lower blood cholesterol, blood pressure and enable the body to fight more actively against the negative effects of free radicals. One of the most useful products of this group is beetroot, pomegranate and rhubarb.

Orange and yellow

Orange and yellow colors are obtained due tocontent in the products of beta-carotene (one of the forms of vitamin A). Vitamins and minerals of this color group are similar to the composition of red products, since these colors themselves are related. Orange and yellow products are useful for the immune system, eyes and skin. Preferred products of this group are apricot, corn and bananas.


White vegetables and fruits due to vegetablepigment anthoxanthine. They are less rich in vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances, but they have the most positive effect on the immune system and cope with bacteria, fungus and infections. Of the white group, garlic, onion and soybeans are preferable.


Chlorophyll gave his emerald green colora group of fruits and vegetables. These foods are rich in fiber, vitamins K and C, B vitamins and minerals such as calcium and potassium. The green group improves digestion and the functioning of the immune system, improves the vision and condition of teeth and bones, and also lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood. We recommend you to lean on avocado, soybeans edamame, asparagus, Brussels sprouts and peas.

Blue and violet

Blue and violet products contain suchphytochemicals and flavonoids, like lutein, zeaxanthin, resveratrol and ellagic acid. These substances give the products anti-cancer properties. Also, vegetables, fruits and berries of these flowers improve memory, digestion, heart work and prolong life. Pay attention to figs, blueberries, blueberries and blackberries.

Try something new and enjoy this light, delicious, and most importantly - very useful diet!