15 Microbial seedlings that we do not clean

People consider the most dirty places toilets, garbage cans and public toilets. But in our house there are places that are as crowded with microbes, however

we do not notice them. Check these
place in his home to protect his family from the consequences of unsanitary conditions.


for dish washing

The food sponge and bacteria are hidden on the kitchen sponge, and
In time, your sponge will become a paradise for the reproduction of germs. When choosing a sponge,
pay attention to antibacterial sponges and detergents.
Remember that dangerous Salmonella and E. coli such agents are not afraid.
Regularly change sponge and disinfect it - fry in microwave oven a couple
minutes and bacteria will die.

handles and relays

During cooking you touch a set of
contaminated surfaces - refrigerator doors, relay plates, handles
microwave ovens, kitchen shelves. Bacteria have time to move to your hands, and with
them - for the products that you are cooking. To avoid problems, disinfect
Handles and other surfaces before and after cooking. Take advantage for convenience
antibacterial napkins.

Coffee maker
drip type

Coffee has the ability to kill bacteria, but
the coffee maker also needs to be cleaned. If the machine does not reach the temperature,
which the microbes are dying, then the dark moist reservoir serves as an excellent place for
their reproduction. To clean the espresso machine, run through it once a month 50%
a mixture of white vinegar and water, hold the solution for an hour and rinse thoroughly.


Each housewife has separate boards for meat,
fish, vegetables, but sometimes it is difficult to keep track so as not to confuse them. Not
forget to clean the boards regularly. Wood surfaces should be heated in
microwave to kill germs, and thoroughly dry before
to hide.



In your pillows is not only fluff, but also
allergenic fungi. From the sweat and particles of the skin, cushions become a favorite place

residence of dust mites. Besides
regular washing,
anti-allergenic pillowcases will help you.


To the problems of pillowcases is also attached a problem of sweat,
which for the night highlights our body. Solve the problem by washing the bed
linens at the highest temperature. Scientists also advise to use
bleach for disinfecting not only laundry, but also a washing machine.


for dirty laundry

Dirt with a sweaty sports suit,
Bed linen and socks settles in the laundry bag. Try to use
separate bags for clean and dirty clothes. Plastic basket
treat with disinfectants.

and make-up brushes

Bringing beauty, you can get unpleasant
diseases. Especially dangerous is eye make-up. After 3 months in 40% of tubes
carcasses settle bacteria. The best solution is to regularly change makeup and brushes.
Tush change after 3 months, foundation creams and lotions - after six months,
lipstick, powder, shadows and nail polish - every 2 years.

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Scientists have found that 80% of cases for lenses contain
bacteria. Wipe the cases after use and change them once a month.


Toothbrushes should be washed thoroughly after
use and change every three months. If your bathroom is combined with
toilet, you should be aware that when you release water, some bacteria
rise in the air. Therefore, try to keep the toothbrushes away.


Dry towels are transferred to your washed body
old dirt. Drying towels will not only remove moisture, but also destroy microbes.


Mold and bacteria adore the place under the mat in
bathroom - it's dark and humid. Do not forget to wash the mat at high
temperature, and a wooden mat is best cleaned with conventional means, without forgetting
about the place under it.



You infect the headphones with your own bacteria from
ears. In addition, if they are lying around without a case in a bag or pocket, then
are polluted even more. You do not need to clean the headphones, but to remove their rubber parts
and soak in

vinegar and water for 15 minutes will not hurt. If your headphones are not clear,
wipe the plastic parts with a soap solution, and clean the dirt with a toothbrush.


You often think over how much dirt is on your
keys accumulated over a long time? Clean them from time to time with a soapy


The results of the study showed that the handbag
women are one of the three dirtiest things they contact in a day. AT
25% of the bags revealed an E. coli. Avoiding the risk will help regular cleaning and
common sense (do not put the bag on the floor). Wipe leather handbags
antibacterial napkins, and tissue wash once a week.


Scientists warn: the phone is in a group
the highest level of infection. Do not forget to turn off the phone once a week and
wipe it off. If you have a cold, disinfect the phone more often.

Remote controller

After checking in the hospital, it was revealed that the dirtiest
the subject was the control panel. Almost half of them found a tenacious
staphylococcus aureus. Do not forget to wipe the remote with a disinfectant, especially,
if it was used by a sick person.