February 14: ideas for a romantic evening

On the eve of Valentine's Day, women think,how to surprise a soul mate and organize an ideal romantic evening. Of course, a standard candle light dinner is quite good, but if this option has already become boring, then it's time to use more original ideas. We offer you several interesting options for organizing an unforgettable evening for two loving hearts.

1. Theme evening

Thematic parties are always bright,interesting and unusual. You can prepare a favorite for your loved one in the spirit of his favorite era, film or book - he will definitely like this option. Prepare costumes, decorate the room and use useful unusual details that will help to recreate the overall entourage.

2. In the style of childhood

Why not be children that day? Try to forget for a while that you have not been fifteen for a long time, and go to meet the fun. A good option would be a hike to the ice rink, an amusement park, a carousel and so on. Enjoy, eat ice cream and do everything you would do as children. This evening will be remembered for both of you for a long time.

3. Traveling

Of course, traveling is an ideal optionfor your common holiday. If time and money allow you to do this, then why not take advantage of this opportunity. And it is not necessary to go abroad: there are many places in our country that you have not yet seen, and which will completely surprise you. Choose your favorite option, and forward, towards adventure.

4. Joint photo session

You still do not have beautiful general photos, andboth of you categorically do not like it? So, it's time to fix this situation. Give yourself a photo shoot, prepare dresses and props in advance, and be happy and in love - this is the main condition that the output of the photo will be excellent.

5. Day of Beauty

Not only women like spa salons and massageprocedures - men can also find them very, very pleasant. To give yourself and your loved one a joint trip to such a place means not only one more chance to be together, but also enjoy an amazing time. An alternative option - to arrange a salon at home: take a relaxing bath together, do each other a massage with aromatic oils - it just can not fail to impress.

6. Creative evening

Joint creative work very, verydraw together, you can draw a picture together, create your common wish card or cook dinner together - this will give you the opportunity to see each other in a new light and get vibrant emotions that will long warm your heart.

7. Quest

A gift to your loved one is fine, butyou can do this so that the action turns into a fascinating quest to find your presentation. Use notes with instructions, and let your other half is engaged in searches - it's very funny and exciting.

8. Going to the movies

The option, of course, is not new, but when youDid you do this for the last time? Rows for kissing, a romantic comedy on the screen and an amazing atmosphere that can only be in the cinema - all this in itself sets the romance.

9. Playing forfeits

Different games can have on your jointromantic dinner is the most positive effect. Prepare paper in advance with different desires and proceed to the game. As for what should be conceived, this evening the most romantic and erotic desires are welcomed.