How to weave braids: 5 variants of a new image

The voluminous long braid since ancient times onRussia was considered a symbol of feminine beauty and refinement. In our time, many women of fashion also resort to her help, because the hairstyle options on her basis are many, not only for the hair up to the waist, but for medium length. The following hairstyles based on our favoriteкосичек perfectly suited for spring and summer, tk. are stylish, unusual and comfortable. Make them completely easy, especially with the help of step-by-step instructions. You can also optionally add them with various hair accessories: ribbons, rims, pins, etc.


Scythe "fish tail" in 4 strands

Ponytail-type fishtail - wonderfulalternative to already podnadoevshim ordinary braids. It looks more unusual due to its interesting structure and small weaving. To make such a hairstyle, first collect the hair in a low "ponytail", and then divide them into two equal parts. Next, pull one of these parts of a thin strand from the inside and connect it to another part of the hair. You need to make sure that you have only two parts of your hair all the time. Then pull the same strand from the other part of the hair, attaching it to the next. Do your hair in such a way that the strand is on top of all the hair. The thinner the strands you take, the finer the plaiting of the pigtail and its pattern. Take turns alternately strands from the right, then from the left side, until you twine the braid. Fix the end with an elastic band or tape.



"Spike" is a hairstyle that goes absolutelyall, besides it lasts a long time even on the most disobedient hair. For weaving, first take a small strand near the base of the hair and separate it from the rest of the hair. This strand is divided into two identical and cross them: the right one - on the left side, and the left one - to the right under it. Next, grab another strand on the left side and attach it to the previous lower strand. Similarly, attach the next strand to the right and lead it to the left, connecting it to the left strand. So whip to the end, grabbing new and new strands. Obtain the braid with a rubber band or ribbon.




«French pigtails»

The "French" scythe is very beautiful, and most importantly- Easy and convenient. On its basis, many different unusual hairstyles are created. To braid the "French" pigtail, first you should take a wide strand and divide it into three equal parts. The thickness of your braid will depend on the thickness of the strands that you take - consider this. Begin to weave as you plait an ordinary pigtail: twist the right strand from the middle so that it becomes average, then do it with the left one. The usual braid from the very top of the head will be the beginning of our "French" spit. Next, holding the left and middle strands of the main pigtail, just below the right side of the head grab a lock of hair and pull it to the right strand of the main braid. Then twist this right strand with the middle strand of the base and again wove like a regular braid, while taking all three strands with one hand. Similarly, weave the left strand, connecting it with the middle strand of the base, and thus symmetrically repeat the movements. Then you can again begin to weave the usual braid or leave the ends of the hair free - the choice is yours. You can make a spectacular beam from the resulting braid or simply decorate it with an unusual hair accessory.

French braid1

french braid3

french braid

French plait


The "air" braid

And this hairstyle is especially suitable for romanticlong-haired girls. It is also a good option for young women of fashion. To do it, first collect all your hair in a low "ponytail" and fix it with an elastic band. You can moisten your hair lightly: then it will be easier to weave. Next, take a thin strand and weave a simple braid from it, then attach to the nevovolosy from the tail (done on the principle of the "French" braid, while the hair is captured only on one side) and wove from left to right; draw a braid from the neck and again begin to weave the "French" spit. Repeat this weave the right amount of times, depending on the length of the hair, and finish the weaving with a simple braid. Secure the end of the braid with an elastic band and hide it at the middle of the braided braid.


air scythe 4


Surface boson beam

A volumetric bundle with braids can become remarkablenot only everyday, but also an evening option. First, you need to give the hair volume: it can be done with a dry shampoo or napes on the vertex. Next, you need to separate the hair from the top of the head and fasten it to make the volume "a la chignon". Divide the remaining hair into two parts and weave from them simple weak pigtails. Now the most important step: every braid should be carefully laid around the head and secured with hairpins. To do this you need the most accurate, sprinkling the ends with varnish and hiding them. Hairstyle is ready. You can also decorate it with a flower or bow to make your image more naive and romantic.