How to get rid of complexes?

Sometimes we ourselves can not understand where they come fromHave undertaken. But, nevertheless, these complexes can significantly poison the lives of their owners. How to deal with them? Today we will open to you the psychological secrets of combating complexes!

1. Inferiority complex. A feeling of insecurity, a sense of superiority of others around you. With such a perception of the world, when it seems that any person is better than you, that the authorities do not appreciate you, and you can never get promotions, suspicion to your man, because "How is it that he is with me for love? I'm unworthy of such a good man. Why then is he with me? ", It is very difficult to live and develop in society. The root of such a complex is discrimination at any stage of your life, a series of failures. Try to remember what led you to this perception of yourself.

How to overcome? If you see that communication with some person upsets you or even humiliates you, give it up. Do not torture yourself. Next, take a sheet and write down all your dignity, good deeds, the parties that you like in yourself. And next write something that does not suit you in yourself, what would you like to change, what prevents you from living out of your habits. In the analysis field, start working on yourself. When you clearly identified something that does not suit you, you can safely start to correct the situation. Do not be afraid to change. It's difficult, but problems need to be addressed, not ignored!

2. Complex of the victim. Answer the questions: do you like it when they feel sorry for you? Suffering brings you joy? Do you like when everyone around you shows sympathy for you? If you are uncomfortable, then getting rid of the victim complex will not be difficult. Yes, in difficult situations, everyone needs support. Perhaps the emergence of the complex was preceded by a really difficult life situation. But that was something that passed. Learn to let go. Realize that you have coped with the most difficult. You have experienced this. It's time to spread your wings and live on!

3. Complex of guilt. A fairly common complex, when a person experiences a very acute sense of guilt for something. It happens that in fact, he is not to blame, but, nevertheless, the escalated conscience does not let everyone soberly weigh. If you feel guilty to someone, it's never too late to talk to this person heart to heart, to explain and apologize. After that, you will feel better. The main thing is to do it sincerely.

Complex of completeness. Almost every woman complained of problems with excess weight, even if she has the perfect figure. For someone, it's just coquetry, and someone really feels complexes about their weight. To cope with this complex, there are two ways: either you pull yourself together, stop feeling sorry for yourself, refuse your favorite fatty foods, sweets, sweet, write down to the gym and lose weight, or you accept yourself as you are, learn to hide the shortcomings And emphasize your dignity.

The nature of the struggle with the complexes is such thatYou have to overcome yourself in something, make an effort to achieve the desired - release from the annoying stereotypes that have long accustomed to your mind. Do not be afraid to change something, believe me, the effort you will spend working on yourself will not be in vain!