Epatage or bad taste: the top 10 disgustingly dressed celebrities

Stars - people are contradictory. Sometimes they shine ... too brightly. Striking is the fact that having millions of fees and the opportunity to appeal to the best stylists, some celebrities look so that you want to give them money. Unfortunately, some of the powerful of this worldnaively believe that the guarantee of a successful image in the abundance of rhinestones and jagged details, as well as maximally exposed parts of the body. But in fact they just need to watch their appearance very carefully: after all, they are public people. The images of the chosen stars are better not to repeat, in any case, if you do not want to cause unhealthy interest in your own person.


Pamela Anderson

Famous pyshnogrudaya Pamela believes that, onceshe is endowed with luxurious forms (no matter, by nature, or thanks to surgeons), then this should be demonstrated in every possible way. As a result, she regularly appears in the light either in a dress, or in a T-shirt or in magnificent decorations "a la Barbie doll," which, combined with her parameters, look especially ridiculous. Moreover, often the star "forgets" to wear a bra or to cover panties. Often "not lucky" Anderson and with make-up: too much make-up, too little natural. But the star is already quite old: it is worth considering the decency and the example that it gives to the younger generation.


Britney Spears

After the figure of Britney became impossibleto call her slim, she did not seem to have revised her wardrobe at all. Amazingly short stage dresses, ridiculous hats, untidy sports pants and stretched t-shirts for every day. A special hit from Britney are piercing thongs. And even her younger sister gently advised her to resort to the services of a stylist. Dear Britney, after all, you are the mother of two children, it's time to learn how to look if not stylish, then at least more restrained.


Peris Hilton

Not good taste and famous girlfriendBritney Spears - a socialite and wealthy heiress of Paris Hilton. Sometimes she confuses herself with a representative of the cat family and gets into ridiculous leopard things that, in combination with each other, make her a real predatory monster, and on another occasion she parodies the Barbie doll, choosing too much "sweet" dress, generously strewn with rhinestones and flounces. It seems that Paris does not know the measure of anything: neither in scandalous entertainments, nor in the number of partners, nor in clothes.


Sisters Olsen

Many find these sisters realstandards of style. Moreover, they even produce their own clothing lines, which have many fans. But here are their images ... Sometimes they are very even nothing, and sometimes attractive young girls knowingly turn themselves into bohemian old women. Abundance of hoodies, incongruous elements, too much vintage and ridiculous chaos on the head does not make them any color. Their makeup also does not always look good: too much black is on their beautiful eyes.


Courtney Love

With Courtney Love people have severalphrases: scandals, riotous life, bad taste. Widow Kurt Cobain, it seems, does not bother at all about his appearance, and her images are sometimes, well, simply monstrous. Absolutely stupid outfits, screaming details and makeup, which only emphasizes not the most ideal state of her face ... It seems that Courtney does not intend to say goodbye to her scandalous image.

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