How to save on housing, going to distant countries?

If you like to travel, this article canbe useful to you. If you adore not just traveling but getting involved in fascinating adventures and can not stand boring bus tours with guides who so deeply memorize their text that they sometimes fall asleep during a story - this article is for you!

We will tell you how you can save onhousing, if you are going to distant and not very distant lands, how to get acquainted with new people and how to invite people to your house who will be grateful to you for this until the end of their days.

There are several large world organizations that help people to find a roof over their heads at their destination, whether it's a trip of a worker, an educational or part of a round-the-world trip.

First you need to register - fill inPersonal profile with all the data, including photos, so that other users get at least a superficial view of you and your interests. Then you need to find the city you want to go to, and see how many people are willing to take you for a while at home. The main rule is without payment. The host party does not have the right to ask you to pay, so the only thing you can do as a token of gratitude is to bring some souvenirs from your country or buy sweets as a gift upon departure. But this is not necessary. Obligatory, albeit unofficial, is another rule: you must make friends with the owners, talk with them for dinner, go for a walk, talk about your culture, etc.

So, when you found those people who youlike, you contact them. Send them your "resume", a short story about yourself and your plans, and then, if you also like the receiving side, usually a call is made in Skype to agree on the remaining details.

Most travelers are contacted andnegotiate with several people at once, in order to avoid undesirable incidents, and planning a trip, they plan in advance "bunks" in all the cities they are going to visit. Do not forget about the visa to other countries: it is better to get it first, and to negotiate with people only afterwards, so as not to mislead the latter and not lose the acquaintance.

Each user has a "rating", which he puts forward other participants, so you can check the honesty of a person you do not know yet.

A huge advantage of such services is the livingcommunication. After you go to someone and live with him, you can also take this person at home. Or another, while a foreigner you do not know. In order to be aware of those who want to visit your city, you can subscribe to the newsletter, which will display the profiles of those people who need a night in your city.

Among other things, "leave for exchange" is stilland a great way to get acquainted with foreigners, even if you are not going to go anywhere yet and do not have the opportunity to host anyone. On the site you can write any ad, and you will soon receive answers from all corners of the world. You can also create an "event" there, indicating its location and inviting people who live nearby. That is, inform a lot of interested people about your party or literary evening.

Such travel is a great wayto make new friends, to get to know another's culture not only from the point of view of the city, architecture and other things, but rather to live as people live, for example, in Portugal or Japan. You can practice your foreign language in this way, you can not ask yourself "how can I spend a lonely evening in an empty hotel room", and most importantly - save a whole lot of money, saving it for a visit to some new country you do not know before.

Your attention is offered to the largest organizations for "holidays on exchange":