10 Fashionable elements in the style of disco

The disco style, so bright and non-trivial, extravagant and exotic, dates back to the 1970s, when discotheques became a popular type of leisure and demanded appropriate clothing. This style is one of the few thatintroduced in mass use are not masters of the fashion industry, and ordinary boys and girls - regulars of urban discos. Many details of the style that was born in the people, have kept their popularity and still, rising to the heights of the couture podiums. This extravaganza of chic, brilliance and brightness, magnificent to the point of insanity. The direction became so popular that in our time not only fashionable disco elements find application in the wardrobes of the most daring fashionistas, but also disco ideas are widely used for holding themed parties, and even weddings. What are the trends from the concept of disco, we can take to arming, to shine this fall?


A notable mini dress

At least one extravagant evening dressshould be in the cabinet of every woman. Then, in the frenzied 70-80-ies women of fashion boldly put on shiny dresses of the most succinct shades. We, if this brightness seems to us to be an exhaustive search, we can choose a black, gold or silver version of the dress decorated with sequins, stones and rhinestones. The main thing when choosing an image is to leave the other elements as simple as possible.



Sections and cut-outs

The style of disco has brought into fashion crazy cuts,because they make the thing more free, and let it dance in it all night long. The cuts can decorate even the most elegant long dress, revealing the body, but at the same time leaving room for imagination. Also, deep cuts to the navel are also relevant, but remember that the cutout or incision is not friendly with each other, only one of them should be present in the image.

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Brilliant jacket

Remember Michael Jackson in his crazy goldand silver blazers? This is another element of the disco style, which can be borrowed. If such a riot of brilliance seems excessive, then pick up a black jacket decorated with sequins, or a strict model with decorative elements, for example, on the shoulders. With this jacket you can decorate both dresses and usual jeans with a T-shirt, as eclecticism in the style of disco also took place.


Flared Trousers

An integral attribute of the disco style is insaneklesh, and the more bright the shade of trousers will be, the better. As we have noticed for a long time, the current models are still relevant. Red, yellow, green - juicy colors of trousers certainly will not leave you unattended. However, popular and denim "kleshi", which can be your convenient and stylish option for every day.


Bright leggings

Because the disco style likes brightness in all itsmanifestations, it is not surprising that he gave us fashion for colored leggings. They were combined with tunics and high heels, which we can do, since this option is still not out of fashion. Popular were and there are leggings of colored leather: blue, burgundy or dark green, which look bold and seductive.

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