The garden on the windowsill: autumn is the time to sow

The garden season is coming to an end. The harvest is collected and rolled into banks, probably everyone in the house in the storeroom now has an arsenal of jam, compotes, salads and canned tomato cucumbers. That's just how you want even in autumn and winterpamper yourself with a salad of fresh vegetables, in the origin of which you are sure. There is a way out - use your balcony or window sill to grow greens, citrus and other vitamins.

The first step is to determine the placethe location of your beds. If possible, this should be the sunniest side of your apartment, but even if all your window sills are shaded, do not worry - there are different ways to extend the light day for plants. For example, to install a fluorescent lamp or, which is much more economical and easier, to insert a foil into the containers with ground, it will concentrate the flow of light on the seedlings, even at dusk.

Where to begin?

Begin to garden, as a rule, from seedlings. If you have "your" land from the garden, add fertilizers and pour it with a solution of potassium permanganate to disinfect the soil. Or just buy a soil mix in the supermarket. First, the seeds can be grown in disposable cups. In the glass you type the earth, make a hole, throw a couple of seeds, cover with a packet and put it to the battery or just to the sun. The real leaflets will turn out, they are transplanted into a pot or a balcony box. Sorts should be selected shade-tolerant, on bags with seeds, carefully read information about the type of planting and care of the plant.

Grow on the windowsill you can do a lot of things, but we'll look at the vegetables - the ingredients of the summer salad.

Green onion is a majorsuppliers of important vitamins, and their content in green onions is more than in the bulbar. The growing period is about a month, depending on the variety and conditions. For planting it is better to use high flower pots or cartons of juice (the height of the soil should be about 10 cm). And do not forget the drain holes in the bottom, otherwise your onion will rot. Before planting, soak the bulbs for several minutes in hot (40-50 ° C) water, sit 1-2 cm apart and leave a bulb neck above the ground.

Fresh parsley, dill and salad can be obtained,spending a minimum of effort and finance. Before planting, the soil mixture must be poured with hot water, sprouted and laid out seeds (the seeding distance is indicated on the sachet with seeds). For a quick shoot, the seeds must be previously wrapped in gauze under running warm water for 20-30 minutes. Seeds sprinkle 1 centimeter of soil and water every day.

Cucumbers on the windowsill in the room do not requiresome special skills. This culture begins to bear fruit after one and a half to two months. Sorts are better to pick parthenocarpic (self-pollinated), shade-tolerant and early maturing. Before planting the seeds should be covered with filter paper in several layers and maintained around them a constant moisture. In order to accelerate the germination of seeds, the bottom of the flower pot (diameter 25-30 cm) should be covered with expanded clay, and top the pot with soil, which is poured hot water. Transplanted into a permanent pot with the appearance of the first real leaflets. The peculiarity of growing cucumbers is that the tendrils are tied to the peg, and the lateral shoots ruthlessly pinch off. Recommended varieties: Room, Room Miracle, Vineta, Voyage, Karapuz.

Tomatoes on the windowsill are the dream of every mistress. And growing them is even easier than cucumbers. When shoots appear in seedlings, they can be transferred to a window sill with additional lighting. And after forcing stems, it's time to plant in the ground. At the bottom of a drawer or a large pot, lay drainage, better claydite, and pour a high-quality soil mixture mixed with river sand. Spread copiously with warm water. In the process of growing, do not forget to pinch off excess shoots, thereby increasing the yield. Recommended varieties: Minibel, Florida Petite, Little Prince, Hummingbird, Garden pearl.

In addition to these plants, you can easilygrow pepper, spinach, basil, zucchini, green peas and many other crops. A little effort, minimum financial costs and on your table there will always be fresh vitamins, and in the house - the smell of summer!