Winter garden on your loggia: how to equip the relaxation zone

With the advent of autumn, a bad mood causes not only rain, but also the general grayness that covered the city. Soon the trees will throw off the last leaves, and green paints will have to wait a very long time. Do not be sad! Return the summer to your home - create a winter garden!

It does not matter where you are going to equipwinter Garden. A separate room in the house, a glazed veranda, a loggia or a balcony - are equally good for plant breeding. The main thing is to create favorable climatic conditions for them, otherwise all your labor and financial expenses will be in vain. It is equally important to make not just a collection of vases with lighting, but a place where you can relax, be alone with nature, take off the fatigue over a cup of tea after a hard day's work.

1. The climate in the garden

As a rule, in the winter garden should prevailtropical plants, that is, the climate for them must be appropriate. A pledge of well-being of green pets will be quite high humidity, constant temperature regime, the absence of drafts and sudden temperature changes. Install a humidifier with a hygrometer. He himself will monitor the level of humidity. At the same time, one should not forget about the possibility of airing. After all, in the winter garden climatic conditions should be comfortable for plants and people. The garden should be isolated from the living area, otherwise it will not be possible to maintain a balance of temperature and humidity. Do not demolish the interior partitions, but simply install the glass door "on the floor." This will allow you to admire your garden from the room and not break the established microclimate.

2. Warming

It is necessary to properly glaze the balcony or loggia. The best option for these purposes will be five-chamber double-glazed windows in plastic frames. After all, wood, in contrast to plastic has the property of "breathing", and hence the temperature adjustment will be violated.

3. Lighting

When creating a glazing plan,on which side your windows come in. The north or east side suggests a broader glass canvas and narrow frames, it is even possible to make a window sill with an extension in front, so that the top visor is also made transparent. Then plants will receive more light, so necessary for their life. If the windows on the south or west side - take care of the shading. Because intense sunlight, and in summer - the scorching sun can ruin houseplants. Therefore, either install the blinds or use a sunscreen.

If there is a lack of lighting, the plants willsuffer, the stems will stretch, and the number of leaves will decrease, and they will look faded and drooping. So immediately take care of additional lighting. Backlighting is best done from special lighters for mini-greenhouses - these are sold in specialized stores. Their number is calculated by the square of the room and based on the species grown by the plant. You can additionally put a few decorative lamps in different corners of the loggia, this will create an interesting light effect.

4. Temperature conditions

Of course, the most important for breeding a winter garden- The temperature in the room, especially in winter. It can not be allowed to fall below + 17 ° C. For this it is necessary to do external and internal insulation of the balcony. After all, the walls in winter are freezing cold and taking precious heat. And, if it is possible to rely on the services of special firmware and the material offered by them, it is absolutely necessary to treat the surface with antifungal mixtures inside the wall after the foam layer, construction cotton wool or other modern insulation. After all, this room will have high humidity, which means there is a risk of "settling" mold in the house. The outer skin should be made of natural materials: cork, bamboo or wood. Just do not save and do not wall the walls with plastic!

Of course, do not forget about heating. The installation of batteries is certainly a good option, but requires agreement with the JEC. Therefore, it is recommended to simply make a "warm floor". Then the heat will be evenly distributed in the room, and you will be able to regulate it. An infrared heater or air conditioner with heating function is also suitable, but it is effective only in those latitudes where the temperature does not fall below -15-20 ° C in winter.

5. Registration

It is very important to properly design your greenexposure. If you are trying to create a small oasis in the apartment, then the materials for decoration choose only natural or imitating natural textures: wood, stone, mosaic panels, bamboo, ceramic tiles of wood and terracotta shades. To make your loggia look like a real corner of nature, put an aquarium with fish or a small decorative fountain. You can create compositions from stones, seashells and sand on trays.

6. Selection of plants

Pick plants for the winter garden is not so muchcomplicated. Observe several rules: break your garden into sectors and estimate how many and what size pots need to be on each tier. Be sure to consider the degree of illumination in different corners of the balcony. Plants should choose loving the same conditions of humidity and temperature. Otherwise, you will not be able to provide them with the proper microclimate. Mostly for mini-greenhouses use a variety of tropical plants, ficuses, palms, monsters, kalatejas, prompter, spathiphyllum, anthurium, sansevieru, begonias, Tradescantia, hibiscus, ferns and ivy. Many of these species are fairly unpretentious and require minimal costs to care for them. But if you have time and desire - get orchids or phalaenopsis.

Do not forget to take care of your garden: tear off leaflets, transplant them on time, urgently treat or isolate them in case of illness, and spray them with water more often.

A little imagination and your balcony turn into a blooming oasis. It will become a place where you can not only relax from the metropolis, its noise and dust, but also draw strength, health and inspiration.