Spring Ideas: Top 10 Ways to Green Your Balcony

Often a balcony or loggia is used as a warehouse for old things. Sometimes people turn into real "plush", and all things from the category "maybe useful" fill their balcony. But it is much better to use this area withbetter use - as a place for rest, decorated with flowers and plants. However, before you plant it, first you need to get rid of the old rubbish mercilessly. And we will tell you some secrets of how best to plant a balcony.


If you have a small balcony, do not put inThere are many flowerpots of different size and color, because it can create the impression of clutter. It is better to put one container in which there will be different kinds of colors. Or a composition of several identical vases located along the side wall, or the front edge of the balcony. It is also possible to place the pots in a cascade on several levels.


You can use vertical landscaping. To do this, use baskets with ampel plants that can be hung on the ceiling. On the walls is not bad to attach pots with any plants on hanging stems or with lianas. For this purpose, we can also recommend ampel geranium, flowering petunias. They are also suitable for boxes placed along the front edge of the balcony and baskets.


Plants that twist can also be planted inbox and buy grids for them, so that the stems could expand. For this purpose, one-year plants - kobei, curling nasturtiums, Ipoleans - are best suited.


When the outdoors becomes warmer, some plants fromIt is better to transfer the premises to the balcony. Among those who will feel great in the fresh air - begonia, scarlet, balsam, chlorophytum, fuchsia.


The most popular plant for balconies -petunia. This is due to the fact that most species of this flower are not so fastidious. Well, even if it rains heavily and destroys some flowers - do not get upset, because the next day will grow new ones.

Another 5 tips for landscaping the balcony
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