"Vertical" gardens: 10 ideas of compact landscaping

A "vertical" garden is the placement of plants on one or more vertical structures. It's beautiful, functional, original and perfectly saves space! Such gardens adorn the walls, fences, roofs, balconies, apartments, etc. If you decide to acquire such an extravagant decorative element, we offer you a number of ideas "in the subject" ...


Garden on wooden pallets. As you know, generally with these designs dealers and loaders are dealing. In addition to the main purpose, pallet can have at least one other application - decorative. Vertical garden, placed on them, gives your balcony or apartment a note of "country" style.


To decorate the walls with "pictures" of the livingplants, you will need special thick wooden "frames", which you can do yourself (although it is better to ask your husband). Or you can use an ordinary wooden box. Inside the "frame" you need to fix the boards - so that they form a "chessboard", and then in each "box" to fix on the pot.


If you want to decorate the facade of a house with a verticala flower bed of plants, take an example from this original building. The scale, of course, is impressive, because this is a shopping center, and the garden on it was recognized as the largest vertical garden in the world.


And such a small garden can be placed on the wallapartments. Attach empty vases to the beautiful ditch and secure it securely on the wall. Then plant the plants in pots. You can also buy pots already on the ditch, which are specifically designed for wall mounting.


Such an original garden can be made fromplastic bottles. Using a drill, attach the yarn of a nylon twine to the wall. In bottles cut a part of the side, as in the photo. Pass through each two strings of twine: one - in the middle of the bottle near the neck, the other - just near the bottom. Fill the bottles with ground and plant the plants. Done!

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