Tree houses: 8 ideas for an ecological home

Houses on trees - the creation of man, whichdoes not cease to amaze. Many, looking at American comedies, where children's homes on trees are very popular, secretly dreamed of such a secluded place, where you can stay alone, relax, approach nature. We looked with admiration at the ladder leading to the house and the carved windows, but few could imagine such houses, even whole palaces, as presented below. Ready to be surprised?


"I'm sitting high, I'm looking far ..."

This small lovely cottage with a spiralthe stairs are in France. Be sure, if you want to be alone with yourself, you will definitely succeed. Most likely, the guests here will be infrequent, because each person will have to make a difficult journey, climbing into the house.


Fairytale house

Is not it true, it looks like an illustration of the cartoon fromWalt Disney? When you observe this structure, it seems as if, within a few moments, Rapunzel herself will come out of it. But the house is not at all fabulous, but real. It is located in the town of Fiv, Scotland. A small neat castle is connected by a path with an observation platform on a nearby tree.


A tree surrounded by comfort

The creators of this house proved: the view that to build a house you need to cut down trees on the site is an error. Full apartments look very natural, as if the tree and grew up with the house.


Part of the Enchanted Forest

This unusual structure is part of thea fairytale theme park in British Columbia, called Enchanted Forest. All his eyewitnesses are surprised by unusual spiral staircases and small houses that are not only built of wooden boards, but also literally surround the tree with embraces.

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