What do you do with your garbage?

Ever wondered how much garbage you produce per day? And your family? Interestingly, only 29% of the contents of your bin is, so-called, "wet garbage", i.e. organic food waste.

25% (!) is cardboard and paper, 13% - glass, 11% - plastic, 4% - metal, 18% - other materials. It is frightening that the share of plastic in the trash can increases every year. Most of the plastic waste enters the world's oceans, killing about 1 million marine inhabitants a year.

And this is only one fact from a whole list of depressing environmental disasters caused by a negligent attitude to the waste of their own vital activity.

The most not indifferent people, as always, are people with a subtle emotional organization, able to empathize, look to the future and use their personal example to call for the problem of garbage on the planet.

So, the artist from the UK Jane Perkinscreates amazing pictures of garbage and second-hand items. In the past, a nurse, Jane received an art education in the field of textiles and, following the call of the heart, began to collage from various unnecessary items original works, which are bought up by collectors for 3 thousand cu.

Chilean designer Rodrigo Alonso in his way draws public attention to this problem: he offers a practical solution - chairs from recycled plastic.

But not only chairs can be made from garbage. In Taiwan, a huge three-story exhibition center was built from plastic bottles taken in the dump. The construction of the building was 1.5 million bottles. The construction, which was built under the motto "Reduce.Recycle.Reuse." Was named EcoARK.

German artist Hans-Jürgen Schult (pseudonym HASchult), known for his unusual figures of trash people (Trash Men), this time took up the hotel, which he built from the garbage collected on the beaches of Italy. Its strange building called Corona Save the Beach Hotel (Save the Beach), he placed in Rome, opposite the Vatican. And let this hotel is small, only three hotel rooms, it made a furor not only in the capital of Italy, but all over the world, through photographs posted by bloggers on the Internet.

Deserves attention to the speech of Hans Schult: "We live in a garbage age and ourselves become garbage ... Garbage from all continents, from Europe and Australia, from America and Asia is mixed in the ocean. The problem of garbage is a planetary problem. "

Take steps to solve the environmental problem andyoung scientists. So, Voronezh environmental company "Breeze", created garbage bags, which completely decompose for several months. They are made from polymers based on sugar beet waste, starch, other organic products.

The famous designer Christian Louboutin, toomade his contribution to the environmental problem. He released a collection of "garbage shoes", which, of course, looked very stylish. Office waste: wrinkled postage stamps, threads, colored papers, ropes, - he packed in a transparent elastic material, from which the top of the product was obtained.

British designers Tim Noble and Sue Webster devoted their creativity to the problems of waste on the ground. Their grunge, shocking installations cause fear, disgust, surprise and admiration at the same time.

We offer to support the beginnings of creative peopleall over the world and get involved in the problem of garbage on the Earth. After all, each of us can make our contribution. It will be easier than it seems at first glance. The main thing to start. Do you think how I can influence this catastrophe of universal scale? There is a way. To begin, just read the article on how you can make your life more green. Begin to think in this direction. Remember: "Our actions are where our thoughts are".

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