House in eco-style is a safe house

Ecologists conducted research, the results of which are shocking: the air in our apartments is dirtier than street traffic 4-6 times and toxic 8-10 times! It's time to look at our housing in a new way. Let's clean up!

Do you know that:

- the polluted air in our homes is the first cause of cardiovascular diseases, lung diseases, intoxication of the body, poor health, reduced immunity, allergic reactions;

- 90% of the time residents of cities spend in rooms with disgusting air;

- 90% of infectious diseases are purchased indoors;

- 100 chemical compounds are present in the home air;

- The level of air pollution in the apartment is 10-50 times higher than in the street.

It turned out that the atmosphere of our home is spoiledvarious finishing materials: vinyl wallpaper, linoleum, ceiling boards based on synthetics. All home plastic emits toxic substances. The maximum concentration of poisons during the repair, but also after it, harmful gases continue to be released: phenol, formaldehyde, carboxylic acid esters - this is not a complete list of volatile compounds.

WomanWay advises: Choose for your house only natural finishing materials. Remember that it is always better to have a plain wooden floor, rather than expensive linoleum, cheap paper wallpaper and a pastry-cooked flour paste, rather than an expensive super-sink and a mega-stout (and mega-stinky) glue. When buying finishing materials, require quality certificates and do not ignore the manufacturer's recommendations, for which rooms they are intended. Marking for office premises or for exterior finishing means that such materials are toxic and can not be used at home. Revise your home for the presence in it of synthetic finishing materials, make a plan for a gradual replacement of their natural elements.

Especially toxic are varnishes, paints,Solvents, because they contain volatile organic substances. Choose water-based paints without solvents. Odors and preferably marked "hypoallergenic". Even in this case, do not stay in a room that has just been treated with varnish or paint for a long time.

Special comments apply to furniture. It's no secret that the most environmentally friendly furniture from solid wood is incredibly expensive, and more affordable furniture from chipboard panels necessarily contains gluing resins. Carefully read the certificates, check the back panels of furniture: everything should be covered with a protective layer, for example, a laminate.


Count how much in your house means forcleaning: separate facilities for toilet, for tile, for oven, gasplates, polish for furniture, for washing glass, floors, cleaning sewer pipes, washing, etc. But many of these products contain ammonia, poisonous volatile acids, chlorine and other toxins.

WomanWay advises: Means for cleaning tiles and washing glasses contain ammonia, it is better to abandon such things in the house. Wash windows and tiles with a normal soap solution, and then rinse surfaces with clean water. At the end, rub soft paper - the glass and tile will shine. It may be a little longer, but absolutely safe for the family's health.

Liquids and powders for sewage cleaningpipes contain strong acids: hydrochloric and sulfuric in composition with alkalis. The chemical reaction of these compounds is unsafe. Do not wait for serious blockages, from time to time do your pipes simple and effective prophylaxis, which our grandmothers used: pour 0.5 cups of soda into the hole and pour in a glass of vinegar. Wait 15 minutes - at this time, vinegar and soda come into reaction: they boil and bubble. Now turn the hot water on full power and flush the pipes for 2 minutes.

Means for cleaning kitchen stoves and liquid forWashing dishes so effectively remove fat due to chlorine and acidic compounds. In this case, they negatively affect the skin and in contact with water release volatile toxins. Replace them with ordinary baking soda! It is no less effective for these purposes, and besides it is safe and cheap. To add extra gloss to your stove, wipe the burners with a damp cloth, then heat and grease with sunflower oil: so they shone only when they were new!

As for washing things, the most effectiveWashing powder is a normal, gray laundry soap. Soak clothes and dry especially soiled areas with soap. You can add some more soap chips. Now put wet and soapy clothes in the washing machine. Wash without powder on the maximum possible temperature for a given clothing. The effect will surprise you!

Means for the removal of mold, fungus, anda number of stain removers, despite their effectiveness. So dangerous. What is better to abandon them altogether. Try using baking soda and vinegar both to remove stains from clothes, and to fight mold.

Strongly do not mix different cleaning products: the reaction can be unpredictable!


Think about what kind of dishes you use forcooking. Damaged enamel bowls, pots, kettles should be discarded, they are no longer suitable for cooking. Also need to get rid of scratched Teflon pans. As for aluminum pans, remember. That they can not cook vegetables and milk, with these products the metal reacts, aluminum particles get into food.

Woman Way wins: Do not overheat Teflon frying pans, at a temperature of 260 ° C, the material emits carcinogens. Teflon is suitable only for quick cooking on medium heat, for example, scrambled eggs or pancakes.

Pay attention to the presence of colorfulplastic dishes made of melamine, it emits toxins, they even just find it under the sun (and we use such dishes for picnics). Check the certificates, rub your finger to check if it is slipping. Do not eat hot food or drinks from plastic.

Now it is not enough just to wash vegetables andfruits before eating, because their surface is treated with substances containing wax. To wash such fruits, you need to wash them with soap and hot water. Only then you can rinse cold. Rub the fruit with your finger - if it creaks, you have managed to wash the greasy wax film.


Very dangerous for residential useindoor air fresheners and flavors. The warning also applies to aromatic candles, and spicy oriental incense. After using such flavors, you can feel a headache, a decrease or increase in pressure and even a digestive disorder!

WomanWay advises: If candles are an important romantic part of your life, use wax or soy analogues that do not contain carcinogens and lead. Replace air fresheners with herbal sachets and bouquets of fresh flowers and fragrant herbs.

That the air in the house was really fresh andfree, make room plants. Especially useful plants with large leaves, such as figs. But you can buy yourself any flowers, it is important here - their availability. In addition, we recommend to get an ionizer, which cleans the air and humidifier.

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