10 Ways to unusually pack a gift yourself

Spend the evening trying to make a dozenbags from the old newspaper? Bullshit - you say. Now, at every step, you can order packaging for any gift, choose the color of paper, ribbons and bow. But those who love to give and receive as gifts somethingoriginal and extraordinary, will understand me from the half-word. A gift, selected with knowledge of the matter, with the sense and arrangement, moreover, presented beautifully ... the dream of any! So, how can we make something out of the package something inimitable?


We make a package of heavy paper

To make such a package, you need to usequite dense, glazed paper, but many needlewomen successfully use ordinary newspapers and glossy magazines, - most importantly, that the product withstood the weight of the gift. Carefully study the master class and go! All joints and details properly glaze with glue, and in any case do not use for gluing a double-sided adhesive tape - this is unreliable. Such a package can be decorated with a funny birochka (how to make an original postcard, read below) or a bow, as well as ribbons or pendants. If it's a Christmas or Christmas present, attach a Christmas tree toy, a paper snowflake, an angel or a spruce branch to the package.


Boxes of all possible shapes

As it turned out, to make a megacreative packagefor a non-standard gift - it's easy! It is enough to purchase a clerical knife and a sufficient amount of cardboard. You can also use glue, stapler and all sorts of jewelry.

The scheme of work is simple: draw and cut from the paper the stencil you like (you can use it later), transfer it to the cardboard and carefully cut out the workpiece. Next, make light cuts in the folds and collect the box.

box scheme1 (1)

box scheme2 (1)

box scheme2 (3)

box scheme3

box scheme5

box scheme4

box scheme7

box scheme8

box scheme 6

How to you such variant of a New Year's packing in the form of a beauty of a fur-tree?

Christmas tree box (1)

Christmas tree box (4)

Christmas tree box (5)

Christmas tree box (7)

Christmas tree box (9)

Christmas tree box (11)

For kids, you need to pack gifts in the brightest funny paper, and shape the boxes to pick up an unexpected, for example, a miniature sneaker:


How you can beautifully pack a bottle

If the invitation to a party or a birthday has caught you off guard, and there is no time to look for a gift - buy a bottle of good wine. And you can pack it yourself ...

packing of bottles (1)

packing of bottles (3)

packing of bottles (5)

packing of bottles (8)


Double packing

An unusual idea for packaging is to use several papers of different colors and patterns ...

double packing (2)

double packing (4)

double packing (6)

double packing (8)


We use a grid instead of tapes

Very exquisite and festive! And, most importantly, it's easy and understandable.

use the grid (1)

use the grid (3)


Ribbons and bows

Make a bow yourself? No problem! In the same way as tie a ribbon, throwing away the traditional "cross on the cross" ...

bant1 (1)

bant1 (3)

bow2 (3)

bow3 (1)

bow5 (1) bow5 (2)

make a bow2 (1)

make a bow2 (3)

make a bow2 (5)

make a bow2 (6)

make a bow (1)

make a bow (3)make a bow (4) make a bow (5)


Use unusual materials: matchboxes, newspapers, postcards

To your gift stood out among a bunch of others,remembered for a long time and struck at first sight, you need to use something extraordinary. For example, pack a miniature present in a matchbox or nutshell! Use paper instead of glossy paper, staple boxes from old postcards, hide gifts in egg trays, glass jars! There are many options, look around, and you will surely come up with some crazy idea!

unusual materials (1)

unusual materials (3)


Focus on detail

A very big role in the packaging is played by the details. If the package itself is very bright and original, you can do without any ryushikov. But if your work does not have the right accent and there is nothing to "catch on" - they are just necessary. A couple of ideas for inspiration ...


Japanese packing of "furoshiki"

The art of "furoshiki" (that in translation from the languagethe original sounds like a "bath mat") is a way to beautifully pack something into a piece of inconspicuous fabric. Something akin to origami, but from another material. Art is old enough and therefore has a lot of schemes, ways to knit knots, etc. But we will consider the simplest methods of packaging:

More about furoshiki


We make for a gift birochki

A card with wishes, the name of the donor or one,who will get a gift, predictions, jokes - this is an integral element of packaging. Try to make it yourself, applying all sorts of decorative techniques of paper "aging" (soaking in weak coffee or tea, rubbing with sandpaper, special tears along the edges ...), decorating, decoupage techniques, etc.

And, finally, the most important thing in the art of packaging -it's to try to get pleasure from the very process of preparing a gift. Believe me, even paper and tapes are able to absorb your feelings and this can not be felt by the person for whom you are trying so hard!