Culinary trip to Holland: what's worth to try and cook

Back in the XV century. Erasmus of Rotterdam wrote that his compatriots, the Dutch, do not suffer from any of the most famous vices, except for "a slight weakness for the feasts". Since then, a lot of time has passed, but the appetite of the Dutch has not diminished - nourishing and tasty meal they love so far, mainly for dinner, so in the morning and at lunch they often do snacks. Read More

Secrets of wedding make-up: 9 tips make-up artist

The wedding is, perhaps, the most important and expectedan event in the life of every woman. And when, if not on this day, do we want to look particularly attractive? A sumptuous white dress is, of course, a dream and the main attribute of the bride, but this is not all, because the hair and make-up also play a significant role: they are designed to emphasize the beauty and natural charm of the bride. Read More